Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 119: How Do I Change Myself To Not Be Stressed In The Future?

ART By Scott Cook

 Traumatic Events and Stresses

In the is blog series, I will be writing about Traumatic Events and Stress, how I reacted to these events, what my energy experience was, how I made myself feel in my Mind, how I changed as a result, and how I can change now to no longer accept and allow the past to determine who I am.

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I commit myself to stopping my reacting to unanticipated events, experiences, and problems with panic, worry, anxiety, and/or conflicting positive/negative reactions by breathing and stabilizing myself in the moment - once I am clear, then I will direct the event, experience, and/or problem.

Instead of ignoring my reactions that emerged in that moment, I commit myself to later investigating my reactions to an event, experience, and/or problem and supporting myself with self-forgiveness and self-correction for how to change when and as I face my reactions to a potentially stressful event, experience, and/or problem in the future.

I commit myself to allowing myself to consider feedback and suggestions from others on how to handle/look-at/solve problems and unexpected events/experiences by first, stopping myself from going into my judgement of others, second stopping myself from thinking while others are speaking, and third, assisting myself to not be influenced by my thoughts and judgements of others by using the tools of writing and self-forgiveness.

I commit myself to stop devaluing others experiences by stopping myself from devaluing my own by investigating and researching myself, others, and the world.  Within this, I commit myself to stop dismissing others and actually allowing myself to hear.

I commit myself to relieving some of the stress in my living by allowing others to take on tasks, situations, events, problems, and experiences with me.  I do this within the realization that I am not alone when things get tough - and so, I remind myself that just because something looks 'tough' or 'impossible' to me, does not mean that the way that -I- see it is the way it -actually- is, it makes sense for me to discuss the task, situation, event, problem and/or experience with another that may have the solution.

I commit myself to working on stopping my personality conflicts/polarities with writing and self-forgiveness as these will assist and support me in understanding where my conflicts are coming from, when I created them, and why.

I commit myself to developing an awareness of myself within conflict, polarity, and stress by responding to the indicators from my physical body (clenching my teeth, licking my lips, sighing, etc.) with breathing, slowing myself down, and aligning myself to my physical body.

I commit myself to stopping myself from choosing a personality/character that suits me best in the moment by reminding myself that this places me in-conflict with myself and compromises my self-honesty, self-trust, and the development of my integrity/standing.  Additionally, I commit myself to removing the personalities/characters in which I am unable to stand by/for/as which are the personalities/characters I stored/memorized/scripted/created for my own personal gain, self-interest, and/or a means to keep myself locked in to patterns.

I commit myself to working on slowing myself down and to stop moving quickly from task to another by reminding myself that this behavior indicates that in my mind I am moving quickly from one point to another in my mind to which I am reacting to and ignoring/running from rather than sorting out.  An additional reminder to myself here is that if I do not allow myself time to relax, breath, and sort things out that I end up pushing myself mentally and physically to the point of burn-out.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to remove stress from my living by removing the conflicting Ego definitions of myself with the tools of writing and self-forgiveness within seeing, realizing, and understanding that none of these definitions are actually me.

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