Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 162: Allowing Myself To Get To Know 'New People'

Part Two of self-correction and self-commitment for Day 157: The Rock Star.
Part One is here.

When and as I see that I am attaching myself to and/or making/seeking/maintaining relationships with those that align to my mind's interpretation/definition of Rock Stars, Perfect, and/or The Best as indicated by me ignoring, devaluing, deliberately disassociating myself from, and separating myself from others who do not align with these personality definitions that I have accepted and allowed to exist within and as me, I stop.  I see, realize, and understand that these personalities are what I have told myself that I must become, be associated with, or related with in order to gain acceptance from my external world and that by giving into my fear of loss of acceptance and acting on it, I am limiting myself from realizing myself, expressing myself as myself, developing my potential, and getting to know parts of myself as I get to know others.

I commit myself to stop separating myself from others by: when and as I see/hear myself communicating to myself that others are 'not like me', that they have nothing in common with me, or I am seeing traits that I have defined as undesirable that I do not want to be associated with, I stop, I breath, I get myself out of my mind and allow myself to explore and learn about others as it is here that I will learn more about myself or parts of myself that I have been suppressing, ignoring, and/or deliberately separating myself from.  Within this, I commit myself to self-forgive, self-correct, and self-commit for any energetic reactions that come up when I am getting to know anyone 'new'.

When and as I see that I am 'looking up to', worshiping, or placing someone on a pedestal that I would like to be and/or be by association, I stop.  I breath and I bring myself back to myself.  I see that this is a pattern that I have been participating in since I was a child and again, it goes back to a time where I believed that it was most important to be accepted by one's external environment and that I am inferior and must trust those that I see as superior.  I remind myself that this bouncing from one-person-to-another over-over-over-again to 'show me the way' has assisted me very little and leads to consequences that are the product of me not developing a relationship of acceptance, trust, respect, and integrity with myself.

I commit myself to STOP looking up to, worshiping, and/or placing others on a pedestal.  In addition to this, I commit myself to stop myself from acting on an attraction to what I am seeing in others as desirable traits that will 'get me somewhere' where I will want to spend as much time with them as possible in order to become them, integrate their personality into/as myself, and/or be associated with them.  Within this, I commit myself to stopping using others for my individual self-interests.  To actually live this commitment in a practical way, I will direct myself to 'not go there' when and as I experience positive energetic reactions of attraction and/or admiration in relation to another, breath, and remove myself, if required.  I write, I self-forgive, I self-correct, and I self-commit until I am done with this looking outside of myself and making relationships based-on what I can get out of it.  Instead of aligning myself to others for what they are so that I don't have to, I develop my own potential within the principle of what is Best For All.

Within this, I commit myself to, as a parent, to stop encouraging my children to look-up-to, worship and create a relationship with Rock Stars, Celebrities, Super Heroes, and other beings by reminding myself that my starting point is my desire for acceptance, my desire for a savior, my not wanting to take responsibility, and me not putting in the physical time and effort required to develop my own self and my own potential as a real human being - in other words, I commit myself to stop attempting to live out my self-interested desires and fears via my children.

I commit myself to show that the world is structured as it is because of the way that we accept and allow ourselves to exist.  Whether we're looking at Politics, Education, Religion, Corporations, or Government, it is all the same where we allow another to be an authority of us, make decisions for us, and direct us based on the belief that that one person has more value than ourselves - more money, more power, more education, more influence, more social status, more physical attractiveness - rather than actual physical proof of their ability to make decisions that are best for all and to actually follow-through with those decisions. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 161: No, Sir, It Is Not Better To Burn Out

Part One of self-correction and self-commitment for Day 157: The Rock Star

“It's better to burn out than to fade away.” - Neil Young

When and as I am seeing that I am integrating a personality/character into/as myself because I experience an ease of my fear of loss, control of my external environment, and/or positive feedback that supports my Ego, I stop.  I see, realize, and understand that when I become these characters and personalities that I am doing so from the starting point of satiating my mind self-interest and that there is very little about these characters and personalities that I are practical in my everyday actual living.  So, looking at the Rock Star and the physical requirements it takes to live-up to this image/imagination, I see that it mostly benefits myself as an individual and regardless of me telling myself in my mind that me being a Rock Star benefits all, I see in real, physical reality examples of rock stars getting burnt out, not having a life or dying young, and not being there for their families.

I commit myself to stop integrating characters and personalities into and as me, such as the Rock Star personality and character, that do not support me as Life or any others that require me to be here and functioning within and as my best physical capacity.  When and as I am presented with or given the opportunity to adopt a character/personality as my own, I do not readily accept/become/integrate the character/personality from a point of self-interest - no, I STOP the process, slow myself with breath, and investigate how the character/personality actually functions here in physical reality instead of the imaginations that I've attached to it in my mind.  Within this, I commit myself to removing the thought, imaginations, and reactions that I have personally attached to the personalities and characters that come up with writing and self-forgiveness as to be certain that I am clear and am standing.

When and as I see that I am driving myself from a point of fear of loss, I stop, I breath, and I bring myself back to physical reality.  Instead of allowing myself to move and function on automation and instead of assessing my environment or my situation within my mind, I allow myself to look through my physical eyes for solutions that I have not considered.  I allow myself to observe others being effective and to ask questions.

I commit myself to stopping myself motivating myself from fear of loss by allowing myself to step out of my mind and into physical reality by participating as a physical being - here, I practice observation, looking for solutions that I hadn't considered, and asking questions.  When and as I see that I am going into my imagination which is indicated by my 'thoughts wandering off', I stop, I breath, and I bring myself back.  I commit myself to practicing not allowing myself to go automatically into my thoughts and imagination in my mind and perfecting it.