Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 59: Nothing I Do Is Wrong - Self-Realizations

ART By Damian Ledesma 

To understand what FREE CHOICE in-fact is, watch the documentary The Trap.

This blog is writing my self-realizations for:
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In my last blog, I directed to this blog for Self-Correction, however, it's close my time to rest so Self-Correction will be in the next blog. Additionally, after some realizations about my living, I can use some time tomorrow to work out a practical solution.

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I realize that I and the others within my immediate world have not developed and expanded ourselves to support ourselves and each other to our fullest potential.  I do not support myself and others because I have not yet balanced my daily schedule and I just plain 'don't want to'.  And I see that others within my immediate world are overwhelmed, are tired, and say they are, " ... just not into it ..."

I realize that I did not recognize this point within me - even though the evidence of my resistance to supporting myself and others has been physically clear, here in my actions.  I didn't see this point existing within me because I was caught up in my mind where I blamed everyone else in my immediate world for not supporting me by reading my blogs, taking an interest in what I'm doing and giving me space as I work on points - and within this mind-blame distraction, I did not once consider my responsibility within myself and within my world for doing the exact same thing.

I realize that within me not taking responsibility for supporting myself and others, that I have 'no power' to ask anyone outside of myself to take responsibility for supporting themselves and others outside of themselves - because if I do not take responsibility, I am not leading by example and thus, I cannot ask another to do what I am not doing myself.

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