Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 34: Please Don't Leave Me - Part 2

Here I am continuing with Self-Commitment Statements from Self-Forgiveness within Day 33: Please Don't Leave Me.

I commit myself to no longer allow my 'Please Don't Leave Me' Character to take control and/or direct me within my walking and living.  I see, realize, and understand that when I fear loss, I will accept loss as me and become it within and as my living.

I commit myself to becoming equal to my thoughts where instead of participating with my thoughts and allowing my thoughts to direct me, possess, and mold who/what I am, I commit myself to establishing an equal partnership to my Memory-Picture-Thought Play-Out in my mind.

Art By Marlen Vargas Del Razo
I commit myself to no longer accept or allow myself to integrate within and as myself additional mannerisms, behaviors, expressions, and judgements as personalities/characters - instead, I commit myself to directing myself within an equal and one partnership with my mind to deconstruct my existing personalities/characters and to remove the personalities/characters that are abusive.  Within this process of investigation, deconstruction, and removal, I commit myself to not judge what I have accepted and allowed myself to be as I see how I am self-sabotaging myself by responding/reacting to my inner-dialogue and outer-expressions with conflicting statements of 'what I should be'.

I commit myself to writing out my Character Suits that I see myself changing into from moment-to-moment.

I commit myself to stop denying myself as my fears from myself.  I commit myself to embracing my fears and thus embracing myself.

I commit myself to stop suppressing and denying my past with judgements and within this, I commit myself to an equal partnership with my physical body where when I have a fear reaction, as indicated by physical pain, I direct and move myself immediately to clear myself with self-forgiveness and thus become clear.

 I commit myself to stop the experience of shame - I no longer accept and allow myself to shame myself into guilt, remorse, and regret.  It hurts, it sucks, and it's abusive.

I commit myself to the enjoyment of myself and the enjoyment of my discovery process - I now see, realize, and understand how very cool it is to get to know myself.

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