Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 29: Re-Defining Commitment - Part 4

Self-Commitment Statements and Self-Correction for Re-Defining Commitment - Parts 1-3

When and as I see myself avoiding commitments as a fear reaction to thoughts that I have allowed myself to participate with, I stop.  I commit myself to removing thoughts that I can react to in fear with writing and self-forgiveness.  Within this, I commit myself to walking through not only my conscious mind as my thoughts but also my subconscious mind as my internal-back-chat-conversations/reactions and my unconscious mind as my physical behavior.

I commit myself to no longer making-up/creating excuses for myself not taking responsibility for myself.  Within this, I commit myself to removing/deleting the characters that I have created within/for myself to hide behind, blame, become distracted within/as, and abdicate my responsibilities to.

By Matti Destonian Freeman

I commit myself to stop my reactions to words by investigating words that I'm reacting to with fear/tiredness as resistance by clearing myself from the polarity relationships that I have created, accepted and allowed to/with words with Self-Forgiveness, creative writing, and giving myself a re-definition of words that have no polarity that I can live with/as/for eternally.

I commit myself to being present within myself so that I am able to clear/stop my back-chat responses and internal conversations with Self-Forgiveness and Self-Correction.

I commit myself to pop/remove my Self-Interest bubbles by looking at myself and my decisions/choices self-honestly where I stop myself from moving myself in directions that are in my best interest only and consider the consequences of the Self-Interest that I had wanted/desired.  From here, I commit myself to act/direct/move myself within/as decisions that are in the best interest of all that could be effected.  I commit myself to be/become a caring human for myself and others where I place myself as equal to myself and others by 'walking in our shoes'.

When and as I see myself as seeing myself as better off or worse off than others, I stop this value judgement that I have created for/as Myself as Money.  I commit myself to remove my judgements of myself and others as Money Value.  Further, I commit myself to removing myself from this Polarity Cycle of Better-Worse as it is clear that existing in this Polarity Relationship, as all Polarity Relationships, supports my Mind only and not all of me as equal.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to give myself over to my mind as I write, Self-Forgive, and Self-Correct, so, when and as I am writing and self-forgiving, I direct myself to stay on point, disciplined, and structured.  Within this, I commit myself to direct myself to go back through the Self-Forgiveness structure that has been given as well as to listen to Self-Awareness Steps for The Elite again and take notes.

Continued in next blog.

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