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Day 149: Desteni Research: Is Desteni A Multi-Level Marketing Scam Cult?

My name is Carrie Tooley and I am a 41-year-old female living in Bucksport, Maine, USA. I am married, a parent of two children, and I work in the Food and Beverage Industry. I began studying the Desteni material at the beginning of 2011 and after 2 months of research, in March of the same year, I began using the tools of Self-Forgiveness and Self-Correction that are shown by the Desteni Group.

Before joining Desteni, I did not have any desire or reason to face what I saw as problems with myself and within the world. I would ignore what made me uncomfortable or wait for someone else to fix it. Now, I work on facing what I don't like, changing it, and standing up. Standing up for myself and standing up for others who do not have a voice to do so is quite cool because it's something that I'd never see myself as being able to do!

So, for me, walking with Desteni has been the process of me learning how to become responsible and then living and applying what I have learned. The result of this that I can see is me developing into a much more stable human being with easier relationships.

For a long time I experienced disbelief when Desteni was labeled as a cult, a scam, and a Pyramid Scheme. How could this be? And when I researched cults, scams, and the money-making schemes, Desteni did not fit the profile. Instead, what I found is that Desteni is like self-help psychologist that's available for support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. And the Desteni tools and support are FREE. So the claims that Desteni is a cult, scam, and some sort of money-making scheme doesn't make any practical common sense what-so-ever.

Currently, I am enrolled in two Desteni I Process Courses: 'Structural Resonance Alignment' and 'Agreements -Redefining Relationships'. I make a monthly payment for the 'Structural Resonance Alignment' course and my 'Agreements' course is 100% sponsored. Recently, my financial position has changed, I have started a new job, and my budget for next month is not certain so my monthly payment for next month has been sponsored. I mean, if this was a group that was out to get my money, there would be no sponsorships and no understanding about my financial position what-so-ever. My mortgage company would foreclose on me, my electric company would shut me off, and the bank that holds the title to my car would come and take the car away. These companies and establishments do not care about my well-being nor my ability provide for my family's basic needs. However, Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation have shown time-and-time again that they do in-fact Care.

As for changes in my living, there have been many. Desteni has assisted and supported me to overcome fears, improve my relationships, and to develop self-trust and self-respect. A foundation of my change has been learning to research. I use self-forgiveness to research myself where I get into what I have accepted and allowed - and why. When I have an understanding of what I have accepted and allowed and why, I then research practical and livable solutions for my self-correction. Once I have practical and livable solutions for my self-correction, I then commit myself to test my solutions by living them. When and as I do not see a change, I will repeat this process of self-forgiveness, self-correction, and self-commitment until I am satisfied with the result.

Understand, I have been in-and-out of mental health offices since I was 8-years old. I have seen doctors for medications, psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors. I have studied Social and Behavioral Sciences. I've read Tarot Cards since I was 16, I've studied with a psychic, learned Psychometry, many other forms of Divination, practiced Astral Projection, practiced Witchcraft, studied Buddhism, AND participated in Catholic Church. I even became a Positive Thinker. None of these have worked for me or assisted me in understanding and changing myself. What I have learned via my studies and research with the Desteni group has. And after two years of participation, I am only just beginning.

Here are some changes that I have made thus far:

- Improved my immediate relationships by giving of myself and my time. I have realized that giving to others in no way takes away from myself and instead I self-support as I support others. The relationships that I have with others are easier and of quality. And as a result of all of this, my self-relationship has improved because giving has assisted me to develop self-trust within my journey to become a human being that cares.

- No longer terrified of Ghosts, Unseen Entities, graveyards, or old houses that look haunted. I realize that these fears only exist in my mind as a response to my thoughts and imagination.

- No longer believe that God, Goddesses, The One, or Spirit Guides are guiding me, protecting me, judging me for my actions or deciding my fate. Instead, I realize that it is up to me to decide the direction of my life as I am the one that must live with the consequences of my decisions.

- No longer obsessed with Death, the Afterlife, and what I will be when I die. I no longer allow myself to be as distracted by questions and assumptions about Death and the Afterlife because the fact is, I am not going to have a clue until I get there. So, best to focus on being here on Earth and realizing myself - which is a LOT more fun.

- More at-ease around people. I no longer constantly obsess and make assumptions about what others are thinking about me. I don't fear others as much as I once did which allows me to really enjoy being with others and getting to know them.

- My vocabulary and my writing ability have improved. I now find it easier to speak and communicate with a broader range of individuals.

- Have a better understanding of myself, how I function, and why. In turn, I have a better understanding of others and the world that we live in.

- See the potential in myself, others, and the world that we live in. Instead of brooding over problems and believing that nothing and no one here can change, I look for workable ways and common sense possibilities that could ensure that all have a life of dignity, health, and happiness.

Now, I say with certainty that Desteni is not a Scam - I have researched this point for two years and there has been no indication that Desteni nor the Equal Life Foundation participates in fraudulent activities, deceit, cheating, ripping-off or swindling. Instead what I have found is a group of people that are passionate about ensuring that every child has a decent life on Earth. This is not done with protests, acts of violence, harassment or other forms of abuse - no. This is a group that works within the principles of what is Best For All, Give as you would like to Receive, Do onto Another what You would Like to be Done onto, and Investigate All Things and Keep what is Good. For evidence that Desteni has an equation for change that works, see the Journey ToLife Blogs where many are documenting their processes of transforming themselves.

To be clear, I do not do the Desteni research for financial gain. I am not a paid researcher and I am not sharing what I've found in my research for money. In-fact, I pay for a Desteni I Process education and I pay for other materials sold at EQAFE which supports the group to continue. Desteni is not a Pyramid Scheme. Further, the Equal Life Foundation is a taxable Nonprofit Organization that is funded through EQAFE products and Desteni I Process Education program - it is completely self-funded.

In conclusion, I have researched Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation and it is not a Scam. The Equal Life Foundation is a taxable Nonprofit Organization that is funded by products sold via EQAFE and the Desteni I Process Education program which offers years of research and expertise in the fields of Vocabulary, Psychology, Economics, Integrity-Based Spirituality, Paranormal Science, and Self-Improvement. For those that do not pay for Desteni I Process courses nor purchase EQAFE products, the group offers assistance and support on the Desteni Forum as well as a Desteni I Process Lite program which are both free. For proof that Desteni has an equation for change that works, see the Journey To Life Blogs where many are documenting their process of living transformation and sharing it for all to see. Me, I am grateful every day that my life-long search for a source of understanding, purpose, and integrity-based change has been found within the Desteni tools of Self-Forgiveness and the principles of what is Best For All, Give as you would like to Receive, Do onto Another what You would Like to be Done onto, and Investigate All Things and Keep what is Good. These tools and principles are things that I always have with me and can utilize during every moment of every breath so at this point, I no longer require using prescription mood and mind stabilizing medications, the mental health system, nor a religious organization. I have myself and a strong system of support which is quite a gift.

I have investigated every word within this document and checked the vocabulary to be certain that I am explaining, communicating, and sharing my research of Desteni in words that I stand by absolutely, without bias, and as a direct representation of my findings.

Carrie Tooley

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