Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 134: What Are Ghosts? Are Ghosts Real?

For the past few weeks I have been writing in a parenting blog about the process of developing anger prevention within my living.  I will be continuing with the dimensions of the Helpless Victim Character here shortly.  For the moment, I'm taking a break from both writings to write about The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events - Part 3 which can be purchased at Eqafe.


This interview was sent to me as a gift today which was quite cool because I've had a lot of questions about the existence of ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, and other beings 'beyond the veil'.  And it was extremely supportive for my understanding of my many experiences with these beings throughout my life as it answered how these beings got here, why many of them were trapped, how/why they could be seen, what they were attempting to communicate, and how us humans in the physical world could have better assisted and supported them.

As I mentioned, ghosts, poltergeists, and spirits have been a point that I have been faced with for most of my existence here.  These experiences began when I was 7 years old and continued to intensify as I got older.  I have several spine-tingling ghost stories that I have enjoyed sharing with others through the years and within these, I often share the experiences of others who were there to witness what I had.  It was a wild ride - and in truth, I existed in absolute terror because I never knew what was going to happen each night nor how frighteningly insane it was going to be.  Also, because these experiences not only happened when I was alone but when others were around as well, I saw myself as helpless, unsafe, and vulnerable to unseen attacks that could lead to my death.

For the longest time, I was driven to find the answers to why I experienced these paranormal events, what these beings actually were, why they were here, and why they were in some places but not in others.  Within my search for answers, I would submerge myself in books about the subject and shows like Ghost Hunters and Celebrity Ghost Stories in an attempt to understand and to identify with others who had similar experiences to mine.  However, this never assisted me in understanding what was really going on, what the problem was, and how to actually direct the problem because the only 'answer' given was to get the being 'into the light'.  How could I get the being into 'the light' if I could not see 'the light' - which, apparently, the gift of 'seeing the light' is a gift that only a select few have.

So, it's really a shame that I allowed myself to react with such intense fear and traumatized myself with this fear instead of breathing, investigating, and seeing my responsibility within the creation of these beings so that I could have directed the point and taken the opportunity to assist and support other beings rather than trying to run from them or looking for ways to evacuate them from my living space.  

In the end, this interview assisted me in realizing why it is best to not be afraid of or ignore the things in my world that I see as  beyond my capacity to understand or do anything about.  It's pointless, really, because I'm going to have to face what I've accepted and allowed in one way or another and I'd rather face the consequence and apply practical solutions now instead of allowing the problems to accumulate to the point of no return.

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