Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day 203: Equalizing Stability

Recently, I observed one individual threaten, bully, and attempt to diminish another. The one on the receiving end of this attack, saw that it was their responsibility to stand up, face, and speak out a response - apparently, it is a part of their culture to do so where if someone 'calls them out', it is expected that they answer the call.

I saw this action as being admirable and as something that we all could be developing for ourselves. 

However, as the situation unfolded I saw that the one on the receiving end saw themselves as safe from their attacker - they have money and they have placed themselves into the system in such a way that they have become something like 'untouchable'.  Which was a fascinating thing to witness - how one in an actual position of authority directs themselves when faced with conflict.

Unfortunately, the element that did not exist was understanding and care. See, because the responder had still taken it personally that they were being bullied, they reacted. And in this state of reaction, they began threatening with greater measure.

What I realized from this is that even though someone is in a position of authority, has standing, and seems to be doing great things in the world, does not make them an individual that will always handle others in a way that is best. To many, it may be an obvious point - for myself, I have had the tendency to look up to others that I have seen as having a strong presence, voice, and an unshakable belief of themselves - and within this ignoring or accepting the details and consequences of our individual actions and words.

I also see clearly how we are all the same in how we're dealing with things. How our family, our education, our culture, our positions of responsibility in the world and our individual experiences - regardless if these things are positive or negative - have not been changing how we systematically process and respond to each other and our external environment. 

In this case, we see the same exact programming playing out of seeing others as separate from ourselves, seeing how they are in the wrong, seeing how they are doing something to us, seeing that we must defend ourselves, our honor, and our self-definitions and within this recreating the exact same war between us that we're working on stopping outside of us.

Don't you see? That until we stop this programming by becoming people that actually understand and care for ourselves and each other, that these battles and wars will continue to manifest? So, you can invest all your time, your energy and your money into stopping the evil that exists in this world but in the end, it will have been all for nothing and probably go right back to the way that it was because while we were focusing on stabilizing our external world, we did not see what was required to be stabilized in our inner and inter worlds.

A solution would be to stop ourselves from reacting which is easier to do when we direct ourselves to see with understanding rather than seeing something as personal. Further, it would be best in the long-run to take a look at our cultures and the beliefs that have been entrained into us about how we should or should not handle ourselves and others. Is it truly beneficial to hold onto these things when we see throughout time that it improves nothing? That there is always a winner and a loser? Somone with power and someone without? Do we want to continue repeating patterns when we realize that patterns produce the same results?

In closing, I propose that if we do in-fact dedicate ourselves to changing and creating stability in this world, that we utilize equal resources to changing and stabilizing ourselves and each other. 

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